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We're so confident that you're going to love being a member of Vacation Promotions that we're not only willing to sell you your favorite attraction tickets at huge discounts, we're going to give you a month's free trial in the club!

And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there's absolutely no risk. The attraction tickets are yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership. If you cancel your membership before your free trial period is over, you will not be charged the monthly membership fee. If you do not cancel before your free trial period is over, your membership will automatically renew each month for just $9.95, billed to the credit card you used when you registered with Vacation Promotions. Thereafter, cancel anytime, effective the next billing cycle.

Your Vacation Promotions membership gives you members-only access to exclusive Vacation Getaways. Plus every month you remain a member in good standing in Vacation Promotions, you will receive a free $25 eGift Certificate . If you cancel your membership before your free trial period is over and have not used your eGift Certificate, the Certificate is yours to keep and use. See the complete terms and policy applicable to Vacation Promotions membership and your eGift Certificate in the links below.

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Hundreds of Vacation Ownership developers build and market beautiful properties all over the world.

Vacation ownership works on the principle of teamwork. Imagine you buy a vacation home... Who pays 100% of the cost? Yes, you! It's nice, but can get expensive. Plus mowing the grass, etc. takes more time and money.

Now imagine the same vacation home, but this time a professional tends to every detail while you are away. Now imagine other people chipping in to pay for it too! Pretty cool huh? Same property, shared cost. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Vacation Promotions gets paid by our exclusive sponsor resorts to find tourists. Some buy - some don't - it's still win-win.

Not everybody walks in looking to buy, but that's OK. The properties sell themselves to the right people. It all averages out.

As much as people love owning their very own vacation home - let's face it - people on vacation are busy having fun. To help people find time Vacation Promotions offers various deals, discounts and promotions to entice tourists to stop and look at a smarter way to vacation. It only takes about 90 minutes at each resort you visit. There is never any obligation to buy anything. We just ask you to visit and learn!

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You save money when traveling with Vacation Promotions...
whether you take advantage of vacation ownership or not.

Everyone loves to save. Everyone that travels with with us saves a bundle over those that pay retail. The vacation developers have multi million dollar advertising budgets - why not let them use it to pay for your vacation instead of a television commercial or magazine ad? If you decide to take advantage of vacation ownership then all the better... Now you will save even more the next time around. If you decide to pass on their offer, at least you will sleep well knowing you saved on your Vacation Promotions vacation!

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